oofing Contractor Magazine, we explain how by covering attic ventilation costs, insurance companies are protecting both their money and the homeowner’s property.


By Paul Scelsi, Air Vent Inc., Originally published in Roofing Contractor Magazine, June 2020.


Proper attic ventilation helps a residential roof meet its life expectancy because it helps to fight summertime heat buildup, wintertime moisture buildup and ice dams in snow regions. Additionally, the full terms of the shingle warranty are tied to proper attic ventilation and building code clearly specifies proper attic ventilation. Yet during our best practices in residential attic ventilation seminars for roofing professionals across North America, we’re increasingly hearing: “Homeowner’s insurance refuses to pay the cost for the attic ventilation and so the homeowner is asking us to skip it; which means the brand-new roof will not have proper attic ventilation.” That’s a potentially costly domino effect insurance companies can put an end to by including attic ventilation with every replacement roof claim....(Click the link below to continue reading the full article)


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