How will The Edge Vent perform in snow, ice regions of the country?

In terms of structural integrity, The Edge Vent will perform similarly to Air Vent’s ShingleVent® II ridge vent, which is the same exact copolymer resin material as The Edge Vent. ShingleVent II has been on the market 20+ years on hundreds of thousands of roofs in northern climates.

As for its durability in northern climates, The Edge Vent should last the life of the roof provided that it is not subjected to conditions beyond what starter course and first course shingles typically experience。

Finally, regarding weather protection, interior features have been incorporated into the design of The Edge Vent to help prevent problems associated with northern climates (ice damming, snow accumulation, snow & moisture infiltration, etc.). Those interior features are: an internal weather filter (the same filter, by the way, used in ShingleVent II); patented internal baffles; and a patented drainage system.

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